Top 3 Affordable Suburbs to Live In Near Sydney

We don’t have to sell you on how much Sydney has to offer, and why it’s such a great place to live. But we also don’t feel the need to remind you of how expensive it is to live here, with housing taking a good chunk out of most residents’ paychecks.

So, in order to be close to all of its amenities and opportunities, you ought to consider moving to a nearby suburb. If you’re on a budget and want to make a shortlist of the best, affordable Sydney suburbs — keep reading.


Best Places to Live Near Sydney Pyrmont

Population: 12,813 (2016 census)

This inner-city Sydney suburb sits only 2km from the CBD and is known for having one of the most diverse, hard-working communities in NSW. 

Nowadays, the suburb is continuously developing and growing and consists of a close, harmonious multicultural community. Renters seem to show the most interest in the area, but there are also quite a few house-hunters as well, looking to find a great home at a low price.

In regards to rent, the suburb has seen an incredible decrease as far as asking prices go — up to 20.1% in the last year. This constitutes a price decline in the double digits, allowing people from all sorts of backgrounds to call Pyrmont home.


Best Places to Live Near Sydney Pyrmont

Population: 9,209 (2016 census)

Plumpton is a mere 40-minute drive away from the Sydney CBD. Thus putting you close enough to the city hustle, but far enough to where you can enjoy the calm of the suburb. It’s best known for its rolling vistas and native wildlife, so it often attracts nature lovers from all over NSW and Australia. 

On the other hand, Plumpton is also home to great schools, such as Plumpton Primary and Plumpton High School, which are next to each other. There’s also a church-operated primary School (The Good Shepherd), as well as government-run school (Plumpton House).

The greatest part of Plumpton’s appeal is its affordable real estate. There are gorgeous houses and apartments for both rent and purchase, and they fit into most people’s budgets. However, if you’re looking for the most affordable, and easy way to move into a property, we recommend checking out house and land packages Plumpton.


Oxley Park

Population: 3,112 (2016 census)

This quiet residential suburb is located 43km from Sydney CBD. It’s one of the oldest suburbs in the area and features a lot of large-lot homes. Nowadays, it’s become popular with both renters looking to downsize and first-time homeowners.

Arguably the greatest part of Oxley Park’s appeal is how affordable the real estate is. Moreover, you can purchase a three-bedroom apartment for as little as £265,000, and a four-bedroom house for around £325,000. Thus, the real estate in Oxley Park is within most people’s reach.

Among the residential suburb, amenities are sporting fields, Oxley Park Primary School, as well as the well-regarded Oxley Park Health and Rehabilitation Home. Not to mention, you’ll be in close driving distance to all of Sydney’s amenities.


Final Thoughts

These amazing little suburbs allow you to have great access to Sydney while living in a quiet, affordable place. Should you decide to make the move, we’re sure you’ll be happy to call any of them home.