Top Three Queensland Suburbs

Queensland is the second-largest, third most populous state in Australia. This has much to do with the state’s pleasant climate, beautiful flora and fauna, and bountiful working opportunities. But, realistically, some of the merits should also be attributed to Queensland’s suburbs.

For the most part, they’re the sweetest, safest, best part of the state, and many of us are considering packing our bags and relocate there. That being said, not all suburbs come with nice nature, clean streets and friendly faces. So, to help you make the best decision about your move — we’ll be listing our top three Queensland suburbs.



Palmview sits right in the centre of the Sunshine Coast and is a mere 10-minute drive away from Mooloolaba’s golden beaches. The suburb features a network of well-kept waterways and parkways, making it the ultimate soothing, calm place to be. There are also plenty of tourist attractions, and theme parks, so Palmview is also a good match for the more adventurous types.

Perhaps the best thing Palmview has going for it is that it’s still very much up-and-coming. So, many new houses and apartment complexes are being built, in anticipation of new residents. What this means for potential homeowners or investors is that the real estate is still quite affordable, so it’s best to move in sooner, rather than later.


Sippy Downs

Sippy Downs is one of the best places for a growing family to live in. This suburb, also known as the knowledge hub of NSW, offers a great education for students of all levels. But don’t take this to mean that Sippy Downs is tons of fun.

There’s a skate park, golf course, and let’s not forget about the Moolah River National Park. So, it’s pretty safe to say that this Queensland suburb has something for everybody, no matter how scholarly or adventurous they are.

Thankfully, throughout all of the changes, Sippy Downs’ real estate market has remained stable and affordable. The students can easily rent out an apartment in one of the many apartment complexes, while younger families seem to prefer house and land packages in Sippy Downs. Whatever option you decide to go for, we’re sure you’ll be happy to live in this fun, easy-going suburb.


Peregian Springs

If you put a premium on living in natural spaces, and always breathing in fresh, clean air — Peregian Springs is the place for you. Here, there’s no shortage of booming parks and environmental initiatives set in place to protect them. There’s even an irrigation system powered by rainwater, making this suburb one of the greenest ones out there.

If you ever do end up missing the city and its amenities, all of it will be only a short train or car ride away. The best part of Peregian Springs is that it’s some ways off the beaten path, so it remains low-key and tight-knit. Not to mention, real estate is incredibly affordable, and it’s drawing in would-be investors and homeowners in droves.


Final Thoughts

As you can hopefully tell by now, these three Queensland suburbs have different things to offer to different people. However, if there’s one thing we’re sure of, it’s this. No matter where you are or where you come from — there’ll be a friendly community of people ready to greet you in all of them.