What Are the Best Places to Live in Newcastle, Australia?

Newcastle, or “Newie” as the locals call it, is known for its gorgeous beaches and nature, and plenty of great cafes and restaurants. The harbour city is also home to some great schools and universities while being close to the CBD. Not to mention, house and land packages in Newcastle are still relatively inexpensive, so people are flocking here while the prices are still low.

So, it comes as no surprise that so many people, young and old are considering making the move here, and calling Newcastle their home. That being said, there are some great, and some not so great areas of the city. To make sure you choose the one that suits you best — here are our top four picks for places to move to Newcastle.


Top Four Places to Live in Newcastle



Mayfield is perfect for both working professionals and families alike. Additionally, it’s very popular with people who look for inexpensive, soundly built houses they can renovate and call home.

The city used to be an industrial hub, so it has a solid infrastructure that still serves its citizens well to this day. There are plenty of pubs, schools, parks, as well as a train station nearby if you need to commute or are simply weary. However, you’ll probably never tire of this lively city, and you’ll also be within the driving distance of the beach.



The quiet suburb of Charlestown sits closely to the southern beaches and the Lake Macquarie shores. It’s in no shortage of stores and cafes, great schools and there’s even a big shopping centre nearby. So, it’s perfect for young families with children, retirees, as well as young and old working professionals.



If you want to have the best of both worlds — look no further than Merewether. The coastal suburb is minutes away from the CBD, offers great schools, as well as miles of clean beaches. It’s pretty quiet in general, but also offers plenty of entertainment for those looking for a more outgoing lifestyle.

All that being said, Merewether is very popular for young families and people who want to have a good work-life balance. So, if you dream of taking a quick dip in the ocean before or after work, Merewether may be the place for you.



Waterford is part of the greater Newcastle area and has an incredibly diverse group of people populating its streets. From young to the old, everyone can take advantage of the suburb’s green spaces, local wildlife and wonderful climate.

Waterford is also the heart of wine country and offers the perfect balance of calm and adventure. It also has some of the most fairly priced house and land packages in Newcastle. So, we recommend it for anyone that’s looking for a fun, calm green place to live.


Final Thoughts

Hopefully, by now you’ve learned all there is to know about Newcastle and its suburbs and feel safe in making an informed decision. We wholeheartedly recommend checking out properties in these cities, as there’s much to look forward to and the area is a great fit for most people.