Why You Should Enrol Your Kids in Swimming Lessons

One of the most common reasons children aged four and below suffer an injury is caused by drowning. As such, there are different swimming programs and lessons for infants and children to prepare them for any incident. 

However, it’s important to highlight that infants and toddlers should be looked after as early as now. Swimming lessons and programs cannot be used or promoted as prevention to drowning. So, parents and guardians, it’s still your responsibility to ensure the safety of your children. 

Nonetheless, aside from safety, here are other reasons why Tanyas Tadpoles and other similar companies encourage you, parents, to enroll your kids in swimming lessons:


  1. Swimming can help improve your child’s cognitive function. 

    As kids learn to swim or swim underwater, they move their hands, arms, and legs. This movement registers in the brain as a tactile sensation. As they move against the water, they also resist it and create a unique experience as they swim.

    The study conducted by Griffith University revealed that children who know how to swim are more advanced in their mental and physical development compared to children who don’t swim. The sample size is 7,000, which can be considered small for this kind of study. However, it still suggests an association with the results. 


  3. It’s a low impact sport. 
    Another important effect of swimming on children is that it’s great for your health, regardless of age, the ability to swim and being buoyant on the water have a positive impact on our bodies. 

    However, it’s still important that children and adults should not overdo the exercises. There are still common injuries resulting from swimming, which must also be avoided. 

    As such, it’s important to learn or let your children learn from the experts. Hire and work with teams that offer swimming lessons for babies in Northern Beaches who are professionals and certified in the field. 


  5. Children learn teamwork and camaraderie. 

    Swimming is not just an individual sport. Children can gain friends and even learn how to work in a team as they pursue swimming as their sports in adulthood. 

    During classes, children also learn how to look after one another. Some children even report having gained more friends as they attended classes, which also positively affects their social behaviors. 


  7. Swimming improves your child’s confidence. 
    As they learn to build friendships among their classmates, children, and even toddlers gain confidence through swimming. Considering that children interact with other people and are encouraged to function in a group, they can also build confidence when it comes to learning with the group. 

    Learning how to swim properly and correctly also encourages children to become more independent. Studies have shown that children who learn how to swim are also more comfortable in social situations and have greater self-control.


  9. They grow to be healthy adults. 
    As we’ve mentioned, children who know how to swim as a child can also choose to pursue swimming as their sports in adulthood. This means that they can definitely swim their entire life!

    Are you ready to see your child swim with confidence? If yes, then enrol your child in a swimming lesson now!